Getting Goods
Event Summary
Time Table
Ways of Bringing and Delivery Goods
The Number of Goods
The Remaining Goods

Time Table


10:00 Opening
Admission / Voting starts
Once you have accepted your admission, please vote for what you want.
11:15 End of admission Please enter by 11:15.
11:30 End of voting Deadline for voting for goods.
It will be temporarily closed for the lottery.
13:30 Reopening
Announcement of lottery results / Procedure
After the announcement of the lottery results, we will carry out the collection procedure.
Items can be taken home on the day or at a later date, and delivery is also available.
14:00 Start of leftover sale We determine pickers of goods which was not voted.
17:00 Closing  

About leftover sale

In the "leftover sale" that starts at 14:00, we will provide goods for which the collection has not been decided. Anyone can participate in the leftover sale. This will also be determined by lottery, but the results will be announced on the spot.